Antti Saarilampi – Tym (Music Video)

Here’s a video for Antti Saarilampi’s Tym. It is time for us to activate.



Water Passage sheet music.


This song might be familiar from Ylinen & Alinen’s LP.

Kalervo Ahonen – Away From Omelas (totuus.004.vid)

Video material is taken from Dorothy Fadiman´s documentary “RADIANCE: The Experience of Light” (


Kalervo Ahonen of Ylinen // Alinen – “Sound for Peace” improvisation


In this Sound for Peace -challenge all the wonderful creative musicians and artists are challenged – to make their own, original musical statement among us others for peace and non-violent solutions in conflict situations in our world.


Sound for Peace at Facebook.


Kalervo Ahonen of Ylinen // Alinen performs “Water Story for Sustained Piano”

Ylinen // Alinen Fuzz test

Totuus Unohdetuista Lomakkeista 20131213 (part 3) totuus.004.vid

A performance at Finnish Pensions Office, Tampere.

Petri Seppä – Action
Teemu Kiiskilä – Soundscapes

Totuus Unohdetuista Lomakkeista 20131213 (part 2) totuus.003.vid

A performance at Finnish Social Services Office, Tampere.

Petri Seppä – action
Teemu Kiiskilä – soundscapes.


srsly you can do whatev’s u like coz my body is kinda not like alive any longer biaaaatch

Totuus Unohdetuista Lomakkeista 20131213 (part 1) – totuus.001.vid

A performance at Finnish Tax Office, Tampere.

Petri Seppä – action
Teemu Kiiskilä – soundscapes.

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