WOODEN TOTEM – MX2488 (totuus.012.dl)


totuus.012.dlWOODEN TOTEM has created a piece of music using a mixing console as their main instrument. The most of this track was made with a broken vintage Carvin MX2488 mixing desk. No internal feedback loops were created. By overdriving the preamps and routing the signal inside the desk, WOODEN TOTEM achieved a playable, adjustable oscillation. By adding digital reverb and delay, WOODEN TOTEM was able to achieve a spaceous sound. Further recordings were done using Korg Volcabeats and Korg Electribe ER-1 through delay machines. Very interesting soundscape, screams from darkness; during the passage the MX2488 is crying for help, hear its pain as it is leaving this world.

During this recording, a mixing desk was severely damaged and left for decay outside in the rain.

Have a miserable November.



Antti Saarilampi – TYM (totuus.009.dl)

Boom! Another track from Antti Saarilampi. Finally it seems that the winter is coming.

Antti Saarilampi : Tranquil (totuus.008.dl)

Despite Finland being covered in thick barrier of clouds for approximately two months now, we finally saw the moon.

Instant Stasis – #Selfieinflictedwound (totuus.007.dl)

Here’s a single track from Instant Stasis. Drone-analog-electro-noise to the max. Water-hazard! Free download y’all!


UTU live at Bar Loose, Helsinki 22. January 2014

UTU live at Bar Loose, Helsinki 22. January 2014


Soulsik vs. Instant Stasis – As Recorded In Varjobaari, Hervanta 2013 (totuus.004.dl)

A live session by Soulsik and Instant Stasis. A rough mixture of guitar-driven loop-noise and chaotic field-recording ambient. Some raw blues elements combined with heavy distorted synths. Not for the faint hearted.



TOTUUS unohdetuista lomakkeista 13. December 2013

Ambient musician Instant Stasis aka Teemu Kiiskilä and artist Petri Seppä meet three times this Friday for a performance at Tampere Social Services Center, Tax Office and Citizens Pension Office.

Instant Stasis will play an ambient music piece, while Petri Seppä creates drawings and paintings from the soundscape.

Performance times:

LOMAKE Y7209 Teemu Kiiskilä LOMAKE C5544 Petri Seppä

10:00 Verovirasto / Tax Office, Hatanpää

12:00 Social Service Center Sarvis / Sosiaaliasema, Hatanpää / Sarvis

14:30 Citizens Pension Office / Kela, Tampere city center

More Info:



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