Ylinen & Alinen – Sana ja Alistus (totuus.010.dl)

coverartZheul is here again! You may open your present already! Here’s the first Long Play from progressive-ambient-duo Ylinen & Alinen. Be prepared for some ice-cold drone madness, progressive rhythms and occult ambient soundscapes. This time the download is free, consider this as a gift! Go ahead, put your headphones on, turn your subwoofer up or crank your volume for the ultimate Winter Solstice Cheer-Up with the happy folks of Ylinen & Alinen!

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TOTUUS unohdetuista lomakkeista 13. December 2013

Ambient musician Instant Stasis aka Teemu Kiiskilä and artist Petri Seppä meet three times this Friday for a performance at Tampere Social Services Center, Tax Office and Citizens Pension Office.

Instant Stasis will play an ambient music piece, while Petri Seppä creates drawings and paintings from the soundscape.

Performance times:

LOMAKE Y7209 Teemu Kiiskilä LOMAKE C5544 Petri Seppä

10:00 Verovirasto / Tax Office, Hatanpää

12:00 Social Service Center Sarvis / Sosiaaliasema, Hatanpää / Sarvis

14:30 Citizens Pension Office / Kela, Tampere city center

More Info:



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